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Character Study:Eric Eggly

Creating a view of hyper-reality without the hype. Revealing milli-moments of wonder captured between dimensions. Exposing the what-if within the why-not. Eric Eggly is 30-plus years into a career he loves. Love clearly, magically, joyously, exquisitely, painfully, humorously and artfully always shows. Eric is provocative without the heavy hand of provocation.Eric is dramatic without the drama. Eric is a master photographer without the need to prove it.

Choices of perspective, the use of light vs. shadow and unexpected manipulations of environments are just a few of the elements that distinguish Eric's work beyond the horde.

Directing with respect, positivity and passion is a given for Eric. What takes Eric's direction to another level is an inherent sense of style and an ability to coax the best (or if needed, the worst) out of a subject or situation.Organizations and companies, like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Audi, VW, Converse, University of Michigan, Honeywell, La-Z-Boy and the Detroit Red Wings, plus sponsors Elinchrom, Nanlite, Sekonic and X-rite, recognize Eric's extraordinary talents.

Witness the character.Witness the wonder. Witness the work of Eric Eggly.